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our story

ANT BREW is not born from scratch. The spores of the idea were sown in the ground as early as 2015, when home brewing experienced a renaissance.

It is nice to make beer and drink it alone, but it is much more fun as a group.

With this innovation, ANT BREW's spiritual home, a Local lahti Diy beer collective, ANT FARM was born. 

Knowledge, skill and recipes ALL developed SIMULTANEOUSLY and AT A FAST PACE. The word about our dabbeling spread and the membership grew. We thirsted for more than just good beer AND working with familiar, like-minded communities. BELOVED underground cultural communities, the roughness of Lahti and beer make a great combination. 

From words to action. The first beer that saw the light of day was created in collaboration with FC Lahti and Teerenpeli in the winter of 2016. We have had the honor of planning a festival beer for the city's best musical event, KAUPUNGIN ÄÄNET, in 2016-2019.  The futuristic Beer and Culture Festival ANT FEST was born without a strugglecin 2018 together with Tirra-Torvi and the beer all-rounder Bönthöö Bönthöö. 

Now we knew we could make a beer that tasted like life.

perfect? Absolutely, we lacked our own commercial brewery where we can produce beers for an expanding community without compromise and always fresh.
The obvious solution is a brewery pub, ANT BREW, located in the historic Malt Beverage property in the center of Lahti.

In honor of our roots, we join the ANT FARM beer collective to support new fresh ideas from the community.

What do we come up with next? Join us in shaping our operations as a customer, community or minority shareholder.

To be continued ...

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